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Add On BOX S (17 Quantity, 10 Item) Pack of Food Basket, Set Bakul Makanan, Barangan Runcit Asas, Grocery.

RM 42.20
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Descriptions   :

Set  S   -   Set Barangan Runcit

1.  Maggi Secukup Rasa   x   1 pek
2.  Garam Halus   x   1 pek  
3.  Rempah Kari Daging   x   2 pek (K)
4.  Rempah Kari Ikan   x   2 pek (K)
5.  Rempah Kari Udang/Ketam   x   2 pek (k)
6.  Rempah Kurma   x   2 pek (k)
7.  Serbuk Cili   x   2 pek (k)
8.  Serbuk Kunyit  x  2 pek (k)
9.  Ajinomoto   x   1 pek (S)
10. Perencah tomyam   x   2 pek

More Info...

• Our grocery brands are as listed below and it depends on current stock and current retail prices.  Despite the possibility of a brand change, we will ensure that the brand used is still within the price range equivalent to the original.

1. Sweetened condensed milk :
- Marigold
- Dairy Milk
- Cap Teko

2. Sardines:
- King Cup
- Yeos
- TC Boy
- Chicken Brand

3. Instant noodles  :
- Maggi curry
- Mee Goreng Sedaaap

4. Rice
- Jati
- Faiza
- Rambutan
- Naga
- Jasmine

5. Chili/tomato sauce
- Life
- Kimball
- Maggi

• To avoid the risk of damage to the goods in the box during the delivery process, we encourage the purchase of 1 box per order.

• We do not accept returns of items already received, unless for reasonable cause and accompanied by some strong photographic evidence.

• If there is a difference in terms of price between one platform and our webstore, it is due to the commission fee taken on each of our sales, the percentage of which depends on the respective provider platform.

• Untuk maklumat lanjut, boleh Whatsapp kami di link di bawah :

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